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    Tableau conductor and Tableau Bridge

    Valeria Gómez



      I'm trying to use Tableau Bridge to bring some data from a different server than the one I am using for Tableau conductor,
      does anyone know if it is possible? and if so, could you please explain how can I do it?
      I've been looking for information about how this two can work together or if it is even possible, but I have not found anything.


      I would really much appreciate your help, ideas or recommendations.


      kind regards!

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          Vikram Gokhale

          You have multiple physical Tableau Servers ? or Just one where Tableau Conductor is also running ? Can you elaborate your architecture a bit.

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            Valeria Gómez

            Yes, I do have multiple servers,
            One is where the information is being received and archived and the other one is where tableau conductor was installed (since this is the new one we will be using from now on), but the data still goes to the first server described cause is comming from an external source and is directed there and we do not have the possibility to change that for now, therefore we are trying to find the way to connect it to tableau conductor on the 2nd server, we though we could use tableau bridge, but have not found the way...

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              Michael Gillespie

              Tableau Bridge is used ONLY to connect Tableau Online to a local, on-premise data store.  That's it.  It won't do what you're trying to do.


              I still don't understand the workflow.  Do you:

              1) Load data into a Tableau Server instance (as what - an extract?).  Or is that first server just a server with no Tableau instance?

              2) Take the data from that first Tableau Server and load it to the second Tableau Server using...what?  How do you make that work?


              And you're trying to use Tableau Prep Conductor to move data around?  Or transform the data in some way?


              Prep Conductor ONLY runs flows that have been built in Prep Builder and published to Tableau Server.  It can't initiate anything on its own.  So do you have a Prep flow that sources its data from the first server and transforms it in some way for use in the 2nd server?


              A detailed breakdown of exactly what you're trying to do, with clear separation of what's happening on the first server and what's happening on the second server, would really help.  Do it in Spanish if that helps and we'll deal with the translation on this end (or a Spanish speaker will help!).

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                Valeria Gómez

                Okay, thank you for taking your time


                So, first the info arrived into the old server, wee took it from there as an excel and downloaded the documments in the computer, after that we took those excel sheets and created the flow on Tableau prep (desktop), once I finished the flow I logged in into the new server where tableau  prep & conductor are and uploaded the flow, untill then there was no problem.


                The flow uploaded just fine and everthing seemed fine, but then I made the test and tried to run the flow, at first it told me that it wasn't possible to run it because it couldn't find the excel sheets,


                After that I delated the first flow and moved all the excel sheets into the same carpet where the tableau prep flow was saved as a hyper, after thatI tried to do the same process all over again, but then an error message was sended this time when trying to upload the flow that said that the info wasn't in "the white list" ,


                Tableau errors.png


                As you can see on the image now I can't upload the flow on the server because of that error,


                Kind regards.


                Valeria Gómez

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                  Heyward Drummond

                  Please see this list of instructions around creating a Safe List of file locations where Server can go to retrieve the Excel external files:

                  Publish a Flow to Tableau Server or Tableau Online - Tableau