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    Research Consultant - Port of Portland (Oregon)

    Pamela Rooney

      Hello all,


      A Research Consultant position recently opened at the Port of Portland (Oregon).  It would be more wide-ranging than just data visualization, but it might be a good opportunity for someone who is interested in research + business intelligence.


      The Port is a WONDERFUL place to work, in my opinion.  I joined from the private sector two years ago and it is an environment much more conducive to thorough research and has great work/life balance (I mean that... not just lip service) than my previous workplace.  We're the healthiest employer in Oregon for our size, and our wellness program just keeps getting better.


      The deadline for applying is Friday, 10/4 at 5pm.  See the link below for more info and apply if you think it's the job for you!


      GovernmentJobs.com - Job Details