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    Create Custom Labels for first column

    Abdul Ahad



      I am tasked with replicating tableau reports to a new platform so i have to recreate the reports exactly the same using a new data source. I am not that proficient with the custom tricks in Tableau yet so there is one thing i cannot figure out.


      I have a bar chart categorized by sub categories, all the bars have subcategory, amount, and percentage diff in amount to previous bar as labels in the bar. the diff in amount is inside a parenthesis which I am assuming is not naturally and you have to add because i made the same diff and my number wasnt in parenthesis. anyways if you add custome parenthesis you see empty brakcets in the first bar as there is no previous total to compare to.


      Secondly, these labels are aligned vertically into a bar. on top of the bar there is another label which is total of all sub categories. how do we create two different aligned labels?


      Picture for reference.