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    Tableau temp table initial SQL published as extract

    velraj gnanasambandan

      Dear All,


      I have a question about Initial SQL. I tried inital sql which creates temp table and joined another existing table to the custom query which selects data from temporary table.


      When I used the data source as live in tabaleau it worked fine.


      But When I converted the same data source as extract and published into server there arise an issue when I refresh that extract.I am getting the following error



      ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object



      I am using oracle table and query is like





      select * from employeedetails


      I also tired publishing only the custom query which selects data from temporary table. Even for that extract failed.  As far as I analyzed the logic is not like the table will be deleted when session is ended. The table will only get truncated when session ends.


      When I close the session I can still see the temporary table in DB without data. Can anyone suggest if Initial SQL can be used as extract as well??