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    Grand Total Calculation Field Computing Values in "Total" Rather Than Aggregating Row Values

    Kyle White

      Hi all,


      I have 2 blended data sources where one source is the entirety of a case and the other is a smaller sample of the case. The first 2 columns are numbers based on the case as a whole while the last 2 columns are those sample numbers. The last column is a calculated field where I am getting the budget for the same from the entirety so the calculation is basically as such "[Case Budget]*([Buch. Subs]/[Case Subs])". It works at the row level just fine but the grand total for that calculation is using the total numbers rather than the aggregation of all the row values so instead of getting the expected ~$10,460, I am getting ~$10,880.


      "Buch. Subs" comes from one data source while "Case Budget" and "Case Subs" comes from another and are blended on Case ID in the relationship and I do have pills on rows for additional consideration which is just each case identifiers. I have seen the posts for "Drawing with Numbers 1-3" but I don't think it is providing what I am looking for. Any ideas?


      Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 9.56.46 AM.png