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    Stuck in IF ELSE condition

    Rohit Andhale

      Hi Guys,


      I am stuck in one issue, the scenario is my client wants result by logs which I have mentioned in the screenshot.


      In the screenshot, I have done yellow marked which i expecting an answer but I'm getting the result which I have mentioned as in getting the result by using below calculated field. pleas help me through.

      much appreciated in advance and apologize for couldn't allow using the workbook. please use the sample data source as I referenced in the screenshot.



      IF ISNULL([YesNo Status]) = True THEN '5'
      ELSEIF DATEDIFF('day', TODAY(), [ExpiryDate])<=[WarningDays]
      AND DATEDIFF('day', TODAY(), [ExpiryDate] )>0 THEN '2'
      ELSEIF ([YesNo]) = True THEN '3'
      ELSEIF [NotApplicable] = TRUE THEN '1'
      ELSE '4'



      Rohit Andhale