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    Connecting files with country names from different languages

    Frank Brenner

      Hello everybody,



      I need some help with the following task: I want to connect two csv (Daten.csv and Income.csv) files which contain data on country level. Both files are held very basic - one row with the country name and one row with data values.

      Daten.csv is coming from a German website, therefore names in the first row are in German:


      Income_per_person_gdp.csv is coming from an English website, therefore names in the first row are in English:


      Tableau can handle both files seperately very well and recognize the country level data and build maps from the data, but I can't seem to connect both datasets.

      My current Workaround is including a third table ("Ländernamen") which is translating the Country names between German and English, but I guess there must be a better way of solving this.


      Is there any function in Tableau, that is able to connect both data sets with automatically knowing, that "Italy" = "Italien" and "Iraq" = "Irak", etc ...


      Kind regards,