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    Server Error (500)

    Vera Hövel

      Hi everyone,


      since we published our first workbooks on Tableau Server, we´re consistently facing the same error when we open some workbooks

      After closing the workbook and reopen it, the error message doesn´t appear again.


      I already take a look into the logs and found the following message: 443 "POST /vizql/t/07_RD/w/ProjectStatusCard/v/ProjectStatusCard/bootstrapSession/sessions/730208C685CD4682A601F85075F25EE7-1:0 HTTP/1.1" "-" 500 119 "852" 7775604 XXebxAZvyhdfUHOrEtWYPgAAALY


      I´m still a newbie in server administration and don´t know exactly what my next step should be.


      Can someone help me with this or has an idea how I can solve the problem?


      Thanks in advance,