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    outer join with two excel files

    Amanda Ramos

      I am doing a comparison with two data sets (2 excel files) to see what matches and what doesn't. The problem that I am having is that for the fields that match the total $ amount gets aggregated. How can I show the exact $ amount for each field without from both files without aggregating?

      For example file A I have the following records 001 - $500 ,002 - $300 ,003 - $400 ,004 -  $200 ,005 - $600

      on list file B I have, 002 - $300, 005 - $600

      when I do the outer join on ID the record and do a table with the records the 002 shows $600 as opposed to $300...I think this is because the record appears on both files. For my analysis, I need to show the records that match and doesn't match but with the exact $ amount.