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    Issue with scaffolding + blending

    Altin Shala


      Trying to get a solution for a specific task. I have the following data:

      • Employee sheet with start + finish date + location
      • Absences sheet with start and finish date.
      • Have handy the dates master list.

      Trying to find absences (normalised) per location per month, using the logic: (sum of absences/ distinct employees). With other words e.g 50 days off in January when have 5 employees and 70 days off in February with 7 employees should show the same values of 10.

      I did Ok with other tasks using data scaffolding, but been struggling for this specific one (some error about not blending second data source). Attached is a simplified work.

      I may have been using a wrong approach, but not sure how to follow from here.

      Any suggestions will be appreciated.