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    Dynamically change the title of the dashboard as per the filter.

    Vineel Jaggumantri

      Hi ,


      Could anyone help on how can we set dashboard title dynamically as per the filters applied.


      For Example:

      There are 3 dashboards:


      1. Dashboards are titled as Dashboard 1,Dashboard 2 and Dashboard 3 is named as ABC or XYZ  (Need to change as ABC and XYZ dynamically).


      2. When we click on Dashboard 1 or Dashboard 2, it action/filters to Dashboard 3 (Same dashboard).


      The issue i am facing here is, i want the title of Dashboard 3 to change dynamically either ABC or XYZ.


      That means, If i click on Dashboard 1, the dashboard which appears needs to have 'ABC' as title of the dashboard and in the same way, if clicked on dashboard 2, dashboard which appears needs to have 'XYZ' as the title .


      Could anyone let me know if we can achieve this in Tableau?