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    VizAlerts not sending subscriptions, only test_alert

    Eric Rymers

      Hi everyone,


      I'm new to VizAlerts, but I've spent days attempting to get it working on the latest Tableau 2019.2.2 on Linux (CentOS). I've successfully sent alerts by commenting them with "test_alert".


      However, none of the subscriptions to VizAlerts appear to be working. I've read and re-read the manuals, and I'm fairly certain all is set up correctly, especially with the test_alert comment working correctly.


      If I'm understanding this correctly, the VizAlertsConfig workbook should be showing the views that are subscribed to VizAlerts on the "ScheduledTriggerViews" worksheet. However, nothing appears there, nor does any data appear when viewing the datasource directly.


      I've been digging into the SQL of the "Alerts" datasource against the "workgroup" database, and I believe there is an issue with the sql. It isn't returning any data, despite several views being subscribed to a VizAlert schedule.


      After scouring each table in the joins, I'm seeing that the table "subscriptions_views" is empty. This table is used on an inner join to the "views" on the "repository_url" field in order to get the view's information. Since this table is empty, no data will return.


      Did something change with the internal data model for subscriptions in the latest (2019) versions of Tableau? Matt, can you take a look at this and see if I'm correct in this assessment, and perhaps offer a solution (new SQL)?



      - Eric

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          Jonathan Drummey



          FYI I'm running VizAlerts on v2019.2 and it's working fine....


          My suspicion is that whatever subscription schedules you've added aren't actually Disabled and/or don't have the correct keywords to picked up. Please review the instructions in https://github.com/tableau/VizAlerts/blob/master/docs/install_guide.md#custom-subscription-schedules for more info.



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            Jonathan Drummey

            A couple more comments on what I'm thinking:


            - The part of the query that picks up test_alert is union'ed to the other results, so that test_alerts are working while others aren't is a bit of a red herring. (As in test_alerts can work fine while other configuration can fail).

            - I'd forgotten that the scheduled name filter (the "keywords" reference above) had moved out of the Custom SQL awhile back into a parameter, so if you're not seeing anything showing up in the raw data source then it points to that as an issue.

            - Besides the schedule needing to be disabled the Tableau user who subscribed to the alert also has to have an associated email address for the query to return any results...however:

            - That you're not finding anything by directly querying subscription_views is strange, if there's nothing in there then either subscriptions haven't been configured (though you noted that you have configured subscriptions) or perhaps then there's some permissions error? In any case this table is maintained by Tableau Server and is populated by creating subscriptions in Tableau Server, VizAlerts is only reading from the table.



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              Matt Coles

              I think we can troubleshoot this pretty easily by verifying three things:


              1: That there are subscriptions showing on the Tasks list on your Server:



              2. That the subscriptions are on views, not workbooks:


              3. That your query against subscriptions_views is pointing to the correct Tableau Server repository (I've seen people have issues where they were still pointing at a test server):





              If you have subscriptions to views, and are pointing to the right Tableau Server repository database, then you should be able to see those records by querying the subscription_views table directly.


              Once we verify that they're showing in your ad-hoc query, we can move on to ensuring that they are set up to show in the VizAlertsConfig.twb.

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                Eric Rymers

                Thanks guys. Sorry for the very late reply here, had some other hi-priority tasks to complete before leaving for a vacation. ;-)


                So, the one thing that I believe was causing the problem was that I was subscribing to the whole workbook, instead of just the view. I could swear that I tried both and neither worked, but in any case, after I removed all VizAlert subscriptions and tried setting up a new one (on just the view), it worked!


                Hopefully this is the end of the strange issues. I'll be back if we encounter anything else we can't figure out.


                Thanks again!

                - Eric

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                  Matt Coles

                  Thanks for confirming, Eric. Glad to hear it's working for you!