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    Splitting Multiple Values in single cell and Count Distinct Based on User ID

    Udi Sabach



      We've surveyed our customers on "How They Heard Of Us". The customers were able to provide multiple responses and in some cases, if they selected a specific option, we'd provide them a secondary field to input. The only two options that fit this scenario are "Associations" and "Social".


      The raw data is comprised of 4 columns:

      1. User ID
      2. How_Hear (required)
      3. Which Association (only if selected association for #2)
      4. Which Social (only if selected social for #2)


      Cells in Column #2 have multiple values separated by ",". I've attached a sample raw file


      I suspect i need to split the values into separate fields, however, i am not sure how to count across the multiple fields.


      Thank you,