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    How to name date ranges as a parameter in Tableau?

    Renson Bruckman

      Hello there,


      I have been searching and searching, but have come up short with a video or answer from the community with the problem I am having.


      Currently, I only have Google Analytics data connected to Tableau. I would like to create a dropdown menu (Parameter) that would give me a list of period names that are associated with a date range.


      For example:


      Value: 12/29/2018-02/01/2019

      Show as: Period 1-2019


      Value: 02/02/2019-03/01/2019

      Show as: Period 2-2019


      In the parameter section, I would want to be able to pick one of these periods and have the data in my dashboard adjust to the date ranges defined in this parameter.


      Is this possible or am I dreaming too hard?


      Thank you if anyone can assist!

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          Parameters are the way users can select from a pre established list of values - they are static and only change when the user manually changes them - they don't do anything until they are included in a calculaation or a filter -

          you would need to create a list - you are suggesting a string list either manually or from a field (or clipboard copy)



          and then use the parameter in a formula  to filter the data


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