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    Orlando Suarez

      Hello Tableau friends! Hopefully I have a challenge for you as I have not been able to find what I need searching through the forums up till now.


      I really need your help creating a calculation and a layout using a shape as an indicator that will later be utilized as a button. I've added a pretty detailed diagram/drawing below as I can't share my workbook because the data is protected info.


      First let me explain what I have and what I'm trying to accomplish.


      I have a worksheet that shows car models and how many visit counts they have during a 13 month span. I need to highlight those months that have counts of 50 or less. I've already accomplished this with the "Sample Size Low" calc which I use as a filter and it makes any count under 50 red in color. Now I need to have a shape at the end of the row that will serve as a summary indicator (shape) for all 13 months. Basically that summary indicator (shape) will say: In the last 13 months X car model has had A LEAST ONE INSTANCE OR MORE OF LESS THAN 50 VISIT COUNTS. This shape will ONLY APPEAR IF THE MODEL HAS AT LEAST ONE MONTH OF 50 OR LESS. Otherwise no shape appears on the row.


      So in the example I provide Acura has not red indicator circle because it never had a month go under 50...while Chevy does have a red indicator circle because 12 out of the 13 months were under 50. If Chevy had only one month in red....it would still get the indicator. So I need a calc that will power this behavior on visit counts and then I need a layout for showing the shape (red indicator)


      Once I have that accomplished on the worksheet I want to float that worksheet on my dashboard (Showing only the red indicator circle's...everything else is hidden away) next to the legend for the cars in accordingly. So I will line up the floating worksheet to level up with the car model legend. In the end I want to give the users to be able to click on those red indicator circles as buttons so it will take them back to the original worksheet that has all the details. 


      I'm really open to any and all ideas you may have. I believe I can figure out the button portion of it myself. But my biggest need or hurdle is creating the calc and the layout on the worksheet side. Thanks in advance for all your assistance! Really looking forward to your ideas on this!Indicator shape to use as a button.png