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    I cant seem to get the date to show in my worksheet




      I want to put the dates just below the currencies shown. Ie Aug 21 Aug 14, and then "change".


      I cant seem to configure it this way, currently I  have:



      when I add as of date to column and put it to day I get the below.

      2 things wrong with this:

      1 ) should be only 1 column of each date for each currency. Here there is 3 (three aug 21, three aug 14). 

      2) Should have a column for "Change".



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          Srinidhi Narayan

          It isn't clear what you are trying to achieve here.   It looks like you have obscured part of the detail, so have to go by what I see.  You might have turned off the header for the Measure Names pills on columns?  From what I can tell, these seems to be a column for each of your measures (including 'change'), but their headers aren't showing, and you have two columns per 'as of date' within each of these 3 columns, hence it appears 3 times. 


          It might help if you can mock up the view you'd like to see, and also add a workbook with sample data structured similar to your current data source.