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    Create a string of all members in a set to be used as param in URL action

    Michael Binks



      I have a parametric search dashboard where users are able to select a handful of KPI's on European football teams, like kit colour,  # Championships won, # times relegated.  This part is working really well, however I now would like to use the teams ID's  in the set (for Barcelona, Liverpool, Crystal Palace etc) to make a call to my football stats web service (API) and load lots of data into an HTML frame or new browser.   There are a couple of reason I'd like to do this,

           1. My web service returns lots of player photos and I think it's simpler to display these in HTML than try and link them a shapes in Tableau

           2. My web service will return lots of data on any team, I want to keep the Tableau dashboard as small and fast as possible so I don't want to store all my data in an extract.


      Each team I've given a unique ID (bizarrely called 'Class id') I need some way to combine them all into a string (parameter?  Calculated field?) to be added the the URL action.



      The pseudo call above will show data for the 2 teams the user drilled down to.


      Any help or guidance would be most welcome!