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    Help.....Subtotal not coming out correctly.

    Edmond Lee

      Hi Everyone,

      I really need help with the following report. See screenshot and attachment. I have 4 columns named C&D Avg, Production Avg, RVD Avg & Transition Avg. Each of these columns is made up of combination of the column A, B, C, & D.

      For example, column C&D Avg calculation is:

      IF ATTR([Phase]) = 'C&D'


      AVG([B] + [C] +[D]) / 3



      Column RVD Avg calculation would be:

      IF ATTR([Phase]) = 'RVD'

      THEN AVG([A] + [B] + [C]) / 3



      Sum of All 4 Phases calculation is:

      [C&D Avg]  + [RVD Avg] + [Production Avg] + [Transition Avg]


      As you can see on the screenshot, the Total & Grand Total aren't showing any value on these 5 columns. Do you know why Tableau isn't pulling any value on the Total/Grand Total row?

      How can i fix this?


      Thank you.