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    Link two sheet together to reflect the sorting

    yinting wong

      Hi All,


      Currently I have two seperate table, may I know is it possible to link the table to another table. Like when I select the ascending order for the left of the table (from the ribbon of the dashboard), then the right of the table will reflect acordingly.


      Or maybe I can combine two table togther, but I need to apply different color code for two table. How to solve it? Appreciated. Apply different color code to different measures in a single table


      (Ribbon on the dashboard)



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          shuhei saito

          Hi Yinting,


          You need to use the ribbon on dashboard view?

          If not, it will work with Table Calcutation and Parameter Action.


          Create a parameter which have members 'asc' and 'desc', and create field calculating rank of 'C Data'.

          Set order of rank with using the parameter.



          In both sheets, put rank field on Rows and hide header.


          And create sheet that show choices 'asc' and 'desc'. (I use custom shape but it's not necessary.)


          Then, you set the sheet on dashboard, make Parameter Action.





          Please check attached workbook for detail.