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    Tableau Prep Builder Command Line | "Unrecognized character escape" on credential file

    Fernando Cervera Vallterra

      1. When I execute on the Tableau Prep Command line:

      tableau-prep-cli.bat -c "C:\temp\Prep Akros\tableau_in.json" -t "C:\temp\Prep Akros\Flujo1.tfl


      2. I receive that error:

      JAVA_HOME is set to : C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Prep Builder 2019.2\scripts\..\Plugins\jre temporarily Unable to read the connections file. Details: Unrecognized character escape 'S' (code 83) at [Source: (FileInputStream); line: 6, column: 17] (through reference chain: com.tableau.tprep.cli.app.connections.ConnectionInfo["inputConnections"]->java.lang.Object[][0]->com.tableau.tprep.cli.app.connections.InputConnectionInfo["hostname"]) C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Prep Builder 2019.2\scripts>


      3. The credential file that I have used is the next one:




      "username": "",

      "hostname": "DESKTOP-O4QRD04\SQLEXPRESS",

      "password": ""