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    Scatter Plots connected lines multiple columns

    jeremiah nelson

      I'm just beginning to migrate from Spotfire to Tableau. I have a chart in Spotfire that I need to recreate in Tableau. This chart takes two columns, min(DepthIn) and max(DepthOut) on the Y axis and avg(ROP) on the X Axis. The plotted points are based on a category. A line connection is made between points with the same category.


      Is there any way to accomplish this in a similar fashion in Tableau?  See examples below.


      Every method I have tried has done what as a Spotfire user I would refer to as trellising.


      Example Spotfire Chart

      Example of what I keep getting in Tableau


      Example Dataset




      Category 1123.7574803.23942.978938
      Category 1161.71031117.58226.14778
      Category 10156.0348250.65118.491831
      Category 10529.25471281.53712.9837
      Category 11154.0013662.745422.03674
      Category 11607.19871041.0241.801198
      Category 2112.70341080.57156.4335
      Category 2163.6884748.461440.65214
      Category 3136.3966657.498759.44352
      Category 3238.8521715.72441.412708
      Category 4120.2944159.698875.4292
      Category 4309.2859844.53155.768239
      Category 5190.9705876.29350.218877
      Category 5357.8381033.59520.44793
      Category 6193.8621183.96711.3794
      Category 6427.6355624.347118.24139
      Category 7181.27631152.89387.01929
      Category 7443.68891283.31476.16628
      Category 8116.3689528.843220.96979
      Category 8465.4695569.23544.801194
      Category 9122.4754466.185210.08146
      Category 9527.5444554.463832.3763