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    How to derive another status from original status based on date




      I have a data set for August, 2019.   The data set has one field: status which consists  of Open and Closed. I need to derive another status: Update. The condition is: Based on the existing Status: Open or Closed, if created (month) = date (month) then status = 'Update'. That means the month should be August. I need to calculate the total count for Update,  I also need the total count for whatever Open or whatever Closed in this data set. Not sure I've made it clearly?

      I created the following calculated field, but it didn't get the result as I expected.  It'll be greatly appreciated if you can provide any . better solution. Thank you in advance.


      IF [Status] = 'Open' and MONTH([Date]) =  MONTH([Created ]) then 'Update'

      ELSEIF [Status] = 'Closed' and MONTH([Date]) = MONTH([Created ]) then 'Update'

      ELSEIF  [Status] = 'Closed'

      then 'Closed'

      ELSEIF  [Status] = 'Open'

      then 'Open'


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