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    How to create a dual axis view to show 3 measures AND how to correct SUM count for stacked bar graph?




      I am stuck at a problem i cannot get around.


      I am creating a turnover rate view, while also including count of voluntary vs. involuntary terminations. The problem is that I already created a dual axis to combine my voluntary and involuntary termination count data (see top portion of image):



      As you can see from the top portion, the first graph is already a dual axis that combine voluntarily and involuntary counts, giving me a nice stacked graph that I like. As you can see from the bottom line graph (turnover rate), I'd like to have this displayed also in the first bar graph view. However, I don't see the option to create an additional dual axis to the current one I have.


      In the attempt to get around this, I searched around on this forum and found this:

      Re: Is there a way to display three graphs in one view


      Therefore, I tried using Measure Names to include the two (voluntary and involuntary counts) together into one view first, and then input my turnover rate as additional measure to create dual axis (please see image):



      As you can see this method does work and I do have the option to create a dual axis. However, now I have a NEW problem with the solution method. If you see the bar graph view in the second image (directly above), you'll notice that my termination counts and involuntary bar charts are completely wrong.If you refer back to my first image, you can see the accurate headcount for the stacked bar charts.


      First Question: Regarding first image, is there a way ti simply create another dual axis to combine it with the stacked bar graph?

      Second Question: If no solution to first question, how do I correct headcount flaw found in the second image for stacked bar graph?


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