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    Selected Value (Map, Chart) as text label

    Dominik M.



      I have a dashboard where you can filter on different charts to get more into detail, and as long as you don't filter, unfiltered (and aggregated) values are shown.


      For easier understanding, I'd like to show the user a text label indicating what is currently filtered on what hierarchy level, as shown in the image below marked in red.

      If he is just in the market, and nothing is selected, than the label should just state "Japan"

      If he selects a region in the map, the label should change to "Japan > Region Central" (depending on the selection)

      If he selects a dealer in the bar chart, the label should change to "Japan > Region Central > Dealer 43" (depending on the selection)


      When I add a text in the dashboard, I can only display parameter values.


      How can I achieve this? Tableau Desktop Version is 2019.2


      Thanks in advance,


      BR Dominik

      Tableau Selected Value Label.png


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          Jim Dehner

          please attach  your twbx workbook so we have a base to use to help you




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            Zhouyi Zhang

            Hi, Dominik


            Please find my solution attached.


            Below is the result


            Below is the step

            Add your dimensions into text and edit the text

            and then create action filter


            A sample workbook based on the superstore data attached for your reference.


            Hope this helps



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              Dominik M.

              Hi Zhouyi,


              thanks for your reply. I have checked your sample workbook and unfortunately, it doesn't work as expected.

              When I am in the lowest hierarchy level, everything is okay, but if I de-select everything, it still states Vietnam (which is MAX(Country)), Souteast Asia and Technology (which is MAX(Category) - see picture below


              If nothing is selected (or no category is selected), it shouldn't be shown in the hierarchy level at all, e.g.

              Nothing selected:


              Region selected (Region is a sub-region of Japan in that example, so below in the hierarchy):

              "Japan > Region Central"

              If a dealer is selected:

              "Japan > Region Central > Dealer 1"


              I thought I might miss something straightforward, but in case it requires some workarounds, I have attached the workbook in the initial post.




              Best Regards

              DominikDeselect everything.png

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                Zhouyi Zhang

                I think you probably need a data strcture reshape rather than data blending, but not sure it is doable for your case?



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                  Dominik M.

                  I think the data structure might be okay, basically (although this is just a demo dashboard with demo data)


                  But the basic functionality of the dashboard allows for selecting and de-selecting to still make sense, e.g. if you don't select a region, you get the Top 10 Dealers for Japan, whereas if you select a region, you get the Top 10 dealers for the selected region.


                  The text is just a help for the user to know where he currently is.

                  I am surprised that this seems so hard to be achieved by Tableau (I thought there might be a "Selected" function I am just missing or so)


                  BR Dominik

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                    Jim Dehner

                    good morning Dominik

                    I agree with ZZ

                    you are blending dataset and blending limits the functionality available in Tableau - filtering across blended datasets is a problem



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                      Dominik M.

                      Sorry, I don't get the connex between the dataset and the functionality required.


                      The example ZZ provided works with the Superstore set and still has the same issue?

                      If the question can be resolved with the example from ZZ, I am more than happy to clean the datasets until I can reproduce the solution.


                      So, taking the Superstore example from ZZ:

                      (1) If nothing is selected, the text should just show some overall hierarchy (can be fixed value in that example, e.g. Asia)

                      (2) If a country is selected and no category, it should show "Asia > Japan" (or whatever country is selected)

                      (3) If a category and a country is selected, it should show "Asia > Japan > Furniture" (or whatever country and category is selected)

                      (4) If a category is selected and no country, it should show "Asia > Furniture" (or whatever category is selected)


                      Is this possible?


                      BR Dominik