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    Filtering by Calculated Field, Level of Detail Issue




      I am hoping that someone might know the answer to an issue I can't seem to break through.


      I am trying to filter my dashboard so that all of our students who received at least "x" hours of service in a particular category (academic assistance in this scenario), but the formula I used to create this filter seems to be misfiring. The level of detail formula at the student level I am using is {FIXED [Student School ID]: SUM([Activity Time (Hours)])}.


      When I attempt to filter the dashboard(see screenshot below) using 1) Activity Category and 2) Support hours Received Per Student, the values for the "Support Hours Received Per Student" aren't calculating properly. When the "Activity Category" filter isn't active, the the "Support Hours Received Per Student" calculate just fine. I am not sure what the issue is, and wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions.


      Tableau.LOD.Issue (2).png