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    VizAlerts to send 20 minutes after refresh timestamp

    Samuel Santos

      I have VizAlerts set up and it's working pretty well except for one thing.  I would like the alert to be sent about 20 minutes after the refresh timestamp that is in my data.


      How would I go about getting this work when, for example, my timestamp is 4:30pm.  I would want the alert to go out about 20 minutes after that.  Let's assume that there are multiple refreshes per day... so it's not just a one time event.


      The VizAlerts schedules that are setup on the server right now are


      Every 5 minutes

      Every 1 hour


      What I have been trying to do is use the Every 5 minutes schedule to poll the workbook to check if the refresh timestamp is between 22 and 16 mins in the past.  But that does not seem to be working for me.


      If ([refresh_ts] >= DATEADD('minute', -22,NOW()) AND [refresh_ts] <= DATEADD('minute', -16,NOW())) = 'True' then 1 else 0 end


      Any ideas?