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    Vizalert usecases

    Arun Yadav

      Hi All Vizalert Guru's,


      I'm looking for some popular use cases / scenarios where you are using Vizalert.

      Like one of the very popular scenario where vizalert can be used is in "Stale Content Management" solution developed by our community champion Matt Coles.


      What are some of the other cool and useful scenarios where we can use it ?




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          Toby Erkson

          Matt already has some examples in a link on the introduction pageWhat can you do with VizAlerts?

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            Matt Coles

            We have around one hundred unique alerts running on our server, across many different departments, so the number of use cases has increased quite a bit! Here are a few more than what is mentioned on that page:


            Validation that our standards for certified data sources are being met:


            Reminder to developers that they've left their important bug without updates in TFS:



            Same thing but for Technical Support:



            A very basic line-consolidating Salesforce data cleanup reminder:


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              Jonathan Drummey

              Here are additional "What can VizAlerts do" examples from the VizAlerts documentation: VizAlerts/user_guide.md at master · tableau/VizAlerts · GitHub

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                Arun Yadav

                Thanks to Toby Sir, Matt Sir and Jonathan Sir for your replies.


                Matt Coles,

                Sir ,like the stale content remover which is very effective and comes very handy doing the house keeping activities on server. Like this, are there some other cool stuff which admin's can use for monitoring purpose.


                I really liked this idea of "validating certified data sources". Could you please share how you build this alert ?


                Thanks again for all your contribution in our great tableau community.




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                  Matt Coles

                  It uses the TS Content data source, and uses the following criteria:


                  • The owner of the data source is licensed
                  • The data source is not in a temporary "sandbox" project
                  • The owner of the project is also licensed
                  • The description follows a specific format as defined on our corporate wiki
                  • The owner listed in the description matches the actual owner of the data source


                  Here's an example of the description format we require for certified data sources:



                  Here's a calc that helps do some basic validation that it has the elements we require:


                  If one or more of those criteria are not met, then an email is sent to the owner of the data source, with a viz showing all of their certified data sources that are out of compliance. Here's what the Email Body calc looks like:



                  ... with the result being: