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    Tableau Server upgrade from 10.x to 2019.2

    Jayshree Dawrewar

      Hello Experts,


      we are facing an issue while upgrading server from 10.x to 2019.2. Please find below all the details:



      1. Tableau 10.x version currently in use

      2. planning to migrate to 2019.2

      3.Currently doing a clean slate installation for 2019.2

      4. able to install it and now stuck at one of the step during the Tableau configuration process

      5.Issue is – during the step , will need to configure AD server with Tableau

      6. We are able connect the AD through non-secure port but not successful in connecting on the secure port

      7.OS environment is Linux

      8.It has been verified that connectivity with AD is not an issue. We are either missing on setup settings or Tableau 2019.2 is playing the foul play with AD setup


      Anyone encountered such issue? or can anyone provide any information on the same?



      Thanks in advance!



      Jayshree Dawrewar