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    Detailed User Reports

    Chris Benfatto

      Good afternoon,


      I am looking for a way, with access to the PostgreSQL database, to get a more detailed usage report.  Right now I can see how many times a user opened a view and when the last time they opened the view occurred, and can see that same information in the back end database, but I am looking for a way to show the individual times the view was opened by users.  Instead of seeing that User A opened Report B 15 times and the last time was yesterday.  I need to the entries for each open of the view all 15 times.  With the current data I cannot tell if this was 15 times over 5 months, or 15 times today. 


      Is there any way with the access to the PostgreSQL data that this can be done?  The _views_stats table has the same information as the "Who has seen this option?" link does - count and max date.  Is the detailed data saved in a different table or does Tableau not keep this data and only updates the count and max date at every click?