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    Nolan Caprecho

      HI ALL,


      Just want to ask how to display the "Bottom (NO)" only even when you change the filters?

      I used RANK function to display their ranks and I want to display the Bottom 7 airports only. But im having trouble displaying the bottom 7 because I have different filters that changes the ranks at the bottom. If my filter is 'Domestic' the last 7 ranks would be 21-27 but when changed to international it changes to 29-35. So i need to change my slicer again. Is there a way that when I change my filter it would automatically display the bottom 7?



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          Jim Dehner

          I would use and lod that included all the dimensions that you plan to filter on and aggregate it on the measure you intend to use for a rank

          then do a rank_unique(sum(lod),'asc')  --- then use the rank in a filter   <= 7




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