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    Workflow for setting up Vizalert for StaleContentRemover workbook

    Arun Yadav

      Hi All,


      I'm setting up vizalert on my dev server. I have tried several scenarios and it's running fine as well. Here in this thread, I just want to confirm the steps(end to end) need to be taken so that I can implement in prod environment as well.

      To start with , I intend to use vizalert for removing stale content from server. Later , I would like to explore it for other use cases as well.


      So here are the steps I took to configure it. Please correct me in case of any mistake.


      1. Configured "vizalerts.yaml" file.

      2. Configured "VizAlertsConfig" workbook.

      3. Published "StaleContentRemover" workbook and "VizAlertsConfig" workbook on server.

      4. Created a dummy schedule "Ń´izAlerts – Monthly" , disabled it.

      5. Subscribed "1-NotifyUsers" viz and "Start" viz in "StaleContentRemover" workbook to this dummy schedule.

      6. Subscribed "ScheduledTriggerViews" viz in "VizAlertsConfig" workbook to this dummy schedule.

      7. Created a extract refresh schedule "StaleContentRefresh" to refresh the extract for both workbooks on monthly basis i.e. in middle of the month.

      8.Now whenever I want to execute vizalert , I'm writing "test_alert" on the "1-NotifyUsers" viz and manually triggering the extract refresh for "stalecontentremover" workbook.

      9. After this , I execute the vizalert command on command prompt on the server.


      Please let me know if all these steps are right as well as in the right sequence as well. I have gone through the user guide and install guide but somehow felt that execution steps are missing over there.



      Thanks in advance.