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    Inconsistent Date format when converting String to Date

    Lidija Filipovic


      I have a date as a string formatScreenshot (15)_LI.jpg and once I convert to date I get the following Screenshot (16)_LI.jpg


      The two strings in the same column are interpreted differently. The first is interpreted as December 6th (in mm/dd format) while the second is April 29th (in dd/mm format).


      I have tried changing the Workbook Locale but it has not helped. My data source is Microsoft Access Database and many date functions are not available.

      This looks like a clear bug, but I thought I'd ask here in case there is something that can be done to automate the conversion easily and correctly.


      I know that I can parse the strings myself and create the correct format. However, is there a way to define this in Tableau? To explicitly tell it how to convert the string and identify the location of day and month?