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    Help to get this logic for date calculation

    Daniel Murray



      I am trying to replicate this logic.


      Current sales is SUM(if MONTH([Orderdate])=8 then [Sales]end)

      Here, i hard coded value 8 which is august month


      Prior month is SUM(if MONTH([Orderdate])=7 then [Sales]end)

      here, i hard coded value 7 which is july month


      Instead of hard coding the value , i need to get the logic based on month i selected. Example in the month field (order date) if i select july 2019 it should show the current month sales for july 2019 and previous month sales for June 2019.


      I need three calculated fields, 1. current month sales, 2. prior month sales, 3. sales change (current sales - prior sales)


      Kindly help.