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    Target per person per quarter

    Sairam Srikanta

      Hi All,


      Yet am back here with another tricky situation.


      I have list of managers and some associates mapped to each manager. This would be a bar graph. Each associate have quarterly target of revenue. Now I need to show each associates target (as a reference line) per each quarter and what revenue they have achieved till now.


      So as mentioned this has to be a vertical bar graph.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Chris McClellan

          So you're after a vertical bullet chart - revenue as the bar, target as the reference line, maybe managers to choose which associates you want to see in the graph.


          The trick will be the data -

          do you have some dummy records that you can provide ?

          is the target data in a different data source ?


          The graph layout is simple, the data structure needs to be right though.