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    Job Opening: Data Visualization Guru, Remote Work

    Becky Brusky

      Data Visualization Guru / Analyst - Handled.


      Data Visualization Guru / Analyst

      Confidential logistics and facilitation startup is seeking to augment its current DSML (Data Science, Machine Learning) team with an experienced Data Visualization Analyst. We’re scrappy, we move fast, and we iterate often. We help consumers and businesses meet their labor needs. If you’re tired of working with sub-par teams, give us a ring—we think you’ll dig what we have to say.The perfect candidate will have high expectations of customer support, ability to fetch data from a wide collection of data sources, and an ability to tell a compelling story with data in a visual manner. This is the intersection of a visual business analyst and a programmer kind of gig.  You’ll be in a position of responsibility with an opportunity to influence great people, so experience motivating, coordinating, mentoring, and generally telling a great story with data is a must. The successful candidate will also have experience working in remote and dispersed teams. Reporting to the VP of Technology, this role is expected to own all day-to-day data visualization for the organization.  Responsibilities:

      • Dashboard reporting creation and maintenance.
      • Identifying and creating import scripts from multiple sources to feed data visualization tools.
      • Presentation of reports and dashboards to executives and customer leaders.
      • Selling the story presented by the data.
      • Consulting on long term data storage, security, and maintenance.

      Preferred Qualifications:

      • The spirit of a teacher to facilitate storytelling with the data.
      • 3 years experience as a Data Visualization Analyst.
      • 2 years experience supporting a Data Science team.
      • Demonstrated proficiency with SQL and or Athena
      • Experience utilizing Tableau reporting tools.
      • Public speaking and presentation experience.
      • Experience in a remote work environment and the ability to self-manage

      Working Conditions:

      • This is a mostly-remote position, with limited travel required.