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    Understanding Cache settings




      I am trying to under stand how tableau server cache works


      Can someone please help me understand or point me to the right direction


      1. What is cache on server and what is cache on desktop located here : C:\Users\madhurit\AppData\Local\Tableau\Caching\ExternalCacheV1

      2. What needs to be considered while setting cache specific settings on the server.

      3. How we can make use of this setting to improve performance of dashboards

      4. Are there any cache size limitations after which cache gets cleared. There might be multiple users accessing the same dashboard around the same time

      5. What are the differences between live/ extract connections in terms of cache

      6. We have few dashboards that use user filters to deliver user specific data. How is cache handled in these scenarios

      7. Does cache gets cleared after refreshing the extract, updating to newer version of tableau, after republishing the workbook [with few formatting changes]

      8. Is there a way we can query postgresql and see what's been cached/metadata that's surrounded

      9. is there a way to see if a specific workbook has been cached


      I am aware of few Tableau admin functionalities, however, am certainly a newbie in this.


      I have been reading few posts on the forums and blogs and couldn't get really get a concrete understanding  of how cache works and how we can make use of this setting in improving the performance of dashboards on our sever.


      Thanks for reading my post and appreciate any help with this!