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    Customizing Failed Login Messages on Tableau Server

    Jill Honrade

      Hello, I was wondering if anyone has tried to customize the default messages that users receive after a failed login attempt on Tableau Server.


      For example, if the user inputs their credentials and they do not have an account on Tableau Server the error message usually says:


      Tableau Server could not authenticate you automatically.

      Sign in using your Tableau Server credentials.


      Or if they do have an account, but their site role is Unlicensed the error message usually says:


      Your account is not licensed.

      For help, contact your Tableau Server administrator.


      (Example of the error messages are attached)


      To provide more context, our Tableau Server is at v2018.3.2 and we use Kerberos for SSO (So users that have a licensed account on our Tableau Server get automatically signed-in. Only those who are Unlicensed or do not have an account would see this sign-in window).


      Our goal is to modify the default message so there is more specific instructions on who to contact and potentially also include a custom link.



      Things I've attempted so far:

      There was a similar thread (How can I redirect to a page on authentication failure?) in which a user was able to customize an error message by editing the .html files found in the C:\Program Files\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\config\httpd\ folder. I tried doing this, but modifying these files didn't seem to impact the two error message scenarios mentioned above (I think these .html files are related to authentication errors).


      Another thread (https://community.tableau.com/thread/156123) was able to modify the login page by editing the _login.html.erb found in the C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\8.3\wgserver\z5\WEB-INF\app\views\shared\. This folder seems to no longer exist in newer versions of Tableau Server. However, I tried to do something similar with the login.html file I found in the C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\packages\vizportalclient.20183.18.1214.0808\public\en folder. When inspecting the html of the login page the error messages are found in the div container with the class called tb-login-msg tb-login-error. I tried to add my own text within that div, but it didn't seem to show up. (It could be this is not the right login.html file, or there needs to be something that triggers the text to show?)


      Please let me know if were able to perform something similar or have any insight into how i may be able to do this (particularly which .html file I need to edit and how should i edit it).


      Thank you!!