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    YoY Calc

    Scott Carman



      Ok so I am trying to create a Year over Year calculation for my data.  I started my journey this morning by watching Any Krebel's video on YoY calcs  - which is awesome!

      Using LOD Calcs to Compare Latest Year to Prior Year - YouTube


      This would work great except there is one problem for me - this calculation makes the assumption that a year is traditional beginning in January and ending in December.  Unfortunately, that is not my case.  I have a fiscal year to work with that begins in Oct and Ends in September.  For example - 2018: Oct 2017 - Sep 2018; 2019: Oct 2018 to Sep 2019


      So how can I make a YoY calc and taking into account the fiscal year?


      Attached is a sample of my data and I am using Version 2018.1


      Thank you,



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