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    Please HELP!!!

    Kelly Rem

      I am in a business analytics class. (the instructors first time working with Tableau as well). We are using Tableau for a project and my group is stuck on how to do the last question.   The question is "Show profit/loss for two customers who are geographically close to Cindy Stewart. Show the screen. Identify locations and distance from Cindy Stewart."  We have tried many ways to filter, but can not narrow it down enough to find the two people closest to her geographically. Any help would be great!!!

      I just updated to the latest version of Tableau and the 2 workbooks. The one is all the questions we had and the one marked trial is some of the attempts we made to answer this question.

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          Toby Erkson

          The welcome email should have links of where to go to get started in these forums.  Go here Getting Started in the Forums and there are several things you should read that will help you in these forums:

          You attached an Excel workbook so you know how to attach files, thus attaching a Tableau workbook is done the same way.  In the post Packaged workbooks and flows: when, why, how (from above) there is a link in the How? section that takes you to a post containing a .gif that shows how to add a workbook (which, again, is no different than attaching any other object):  Attaching a Packaged Workbook

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            Kelly Rem

            Thank you for the information. I was working on this post when I received the email. So, I had not yet gone over all the material.  I added the workbooks. Thank you for informing me about the helpful email.

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              Jim Dehner


              Interesting question - I've presented to a couple of classes like the one you are in - and  (sorry ) but the best I can do is point you in a direction -


              you face a couple of issues - not the least of which is the generality of the question "geographically close"


              but the other issue is that Cindy appears in a lot of geographic locations



              to get closer to the result you want - suggest you look into creating a set of countries where Cindy buys and then see who else is active with couontries in that set


              good luck

              let us know how you did


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                Kelly Rem


                Thank you.  Guidance is all I want. I’m just lost. I knew she was in many locations, I just don’t if there is a way to filter who else is in those same locations without doing s search for each customer.

                I emailed the instructor with the list of locations I had come up with and asked if we were to just pick one of the locations & work from there or if she could guide me to the correct way to filter it. She never responded.

                So, I am just frustrated and lost! So, I am open to ANY guidance or help anyone can give!!

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                  Jim Dehner

                  so what happened when you used sets and not filters to get the countries where she had sales and then use that set to identify other cusotmers?

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                    Kelly Rem


                    Minus a video, we have had no training on Tableau. Basically we are having to learn this all on our own. So, I do not know much about sets yet.  I can honestly say I haven't tried any sets yet. I have been working with only filters.

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                      Chris McClellan

                      Hi Kelly, if you need custom training (or even just ad hoc training) I can help, I'm guessing Jim can as well.  Or if you wanted to refer the instructor through I'd be happy to assist - or Jim instead/as well obviously.  Contact details are in my profile.

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                        Jim Dehner


                        I'm sure your professor is aware of your level of training and also aware that tableau has a complete on-line training course at Tableau Training: View Training Courses  that will take you from getting started through advanced calculations


                        that said this is a fairly advanced calculation - see the attached approach

                        Suggest you go through each calculation and see how it is done and then reproduce it in your own book


                        We are here to help you but expect that there is some effort on your part

                        sorry to disappoint you


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                          Kelly Rem

                          Good morning,

                          I want to Thank you for all the help.  You are awesome! Yesterday, I emailed my instructor again. I told her I was on this forum seeking help & shared the replies. Today she has changed the assignment. She instructed us to just pick a city that our customer was in and then find two others close to her in that city, as well as list their profit/loss. She stated the entire class was stumped.

                          I still have a desire to complete the original answer. So, I will come back to after my project is finished & do do.

                          Again, Thank you for all the guidance & helpful tips!


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                            Jim Dehner


                            I thought the assignment as given was somewhat advanced - it would be more appropriate in an Advanced Tableau Calculation course


                            Please mark Chris's, Toby and my response helpful or correct to close the thread