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    Change Parameter in multiple Vizes simultaniously

    Cristiano Sarmento



      I have a custom web page where i have multiple vizes (3 iframes) and i have a parameter and when the user changes it, the goal is to apply the change in the 3 vizes available, but only the first one is updating the view correctly. If i refresh the entire page (f5) the parameter gets applied in the 3 vizes.


      I'm using VueJS and my change parameter method code is:


      changeParam: function(val, paramName) { const fns = []; for (let i in this.vizes) { const viz = this.vizes[i].viz; const wb = viz.getWorkbook(); fns.push(wb.changeParameterValueAsync(paramName, val)); } Promise.all(fns).then(resp => { console.log('promise all resp ', resp) }); }


      I tried the approach in multiple different ways but any of them worked properly for my 3 vizes.


      Have you some ideia of what could be causing this?




      Best regards,