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    Last 4 Week Averages in Underlining Data - For any given Date

    Anthony Delgadillo


      I  got most of the basic Calculated Fields down, however I am trying to compile underlining data from the Data Source and place them on selected names/Time Period that I have assigned and get the same Last 4 Weeks from a date that I have filtered/picked on my excel table.  I have been attempting to get the last 4 weeks of data in the Grand Total, however it's a no go.


      - its under "Moving Average of 4 Week Avg Conversion Rate" (last Column) which I am attempting to achieve 10.05 in the grand total.



      I was successful in everything else except the 4 week averages.  In Excel, it is: =AVERAGE(T186:T189), for example.


      Attached is the Tableau and below is what I am attempting to achieve in the highlighted yellow (last 4 week averages).  For example, I am trying to get 10.05% under "4-Week Ave. Conv Rate".



      Thank you for any help!