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    How do I create a calculated field for total events with specific event action value? (Google Analytics)

    Kees Loutebaan

      Hi there,


      I'm quite new to Tableau, hope I'm asking this question right.


      I have installed my Google Analytics account as a data source. In Google Analytics, I have installed the tracking of several events, with specific event actions and event categories. I have extracted the dimension 'Event Action' and the measure 'Total Events'.


      I would like to create a calculated field that shows the number of events from 'Total Events' where 'Event Action' = "job saved".


      Using 'Event Action' as a filter works fine, but I want to be able to show multiple types of 'Event Actions' in the same graph. Therefore, I would like to use calculated fields.


      Does someone know the answer to this? Thanks a lot in advance.