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    2019 Q3 DenverTUG a SUCCESS

    Denise Peck

      Data lovers braved 100+°F outside temperatures and crazy traffic to attend the 2019 Q3 DenverTUG meeting. It was well worth it! Three excellent presentations by Children's Hospital Colorado's Sean Reiter, Bryce Clark, and Mike Rannie were relevant and struck a with chord everyone in the room. Tableau isn't just for healthcare. The presenters shared metrics and insight that made sense to all who attended. Jamie and Noah provided rock solid a/v and tech support. Mid-afternoon refreshments courtesy of CHCO. I'm not sure if it was the friendly vibe or the delightful air cooling that encouraged the socializing to last just a little bit longer. Thanks again to Children's Hospital Colorado Anschutz, Sean, Bryce, Clark, Jamie, Noah, and everyone who attended.

      DenverTUG Q4 Meeting: October 17th, Downtown Denver
      -- Denise --
      P.S. 2020 Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 are WIDE OPEN!

      If you're a Tableau Customer and your organization would like to host and/or tell your Tableau Success Story, please call or email me right away.  Thanks and take care.