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    Webinar:    How Tableau Conference sets you—and your team—up for success

    Ciara Brennan

      Webinar coming up July 24th 2019 | 10.00 - 10.30am PDT


      How Tableau Conference sets you—and your team—up for success | Tableau Software


      This is part of the All about Tableau Conference (TC19) webinar series.

      One of the main reasons customers attend TC19 is to meet and learn from fellow data people. If you want to get better at effectively and efficiently asking and answering questions with data, TC19 is the place to be. From guided, hands-on training sessions to one-on-one access to Tableau experts, there are new things to learn around every corner whether you are attending for the first time or the fifth time.

      In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll show you how TC19 is designed to help you get better at exploring and understanding data–in and outside of Tableau–no matter your current skill level. You’ll hear from TC veterans, Hall of Fame Tableau Zen Master, Jonathan Drummey, and User Group Leader Ambassador, Christopher Scott, during this live webinar.

      Attend and learn how to:

      • Take what you learn at TC and scale it at your organization
      • Connect with your #datafam in-person to spark ideas and grow relationships in ways meeting virtually simply can’t
      • Be successful with Tableau regardless of the stage of analytics maturity within your organization

      Ready to register for TC19? Visit the Tableau conference website to save $200 until August 16th.