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    Question on Chinese Character Display Issue on Tableau Server 2018.3

    Dustin lee

      We have a tableau workbook under tableau version 2018.3.2 and is displaying chinese properly.

      We published the file onto our tableau server 2018.3.2 on redhat linux 7.5, with chinese fonts installed and it works properly for workbooks displaying under 400 records.


      However, we hit an issue when the record size is larger. All chinese characters becomes rectangular boxes and cannot display properly.

      We tested further and seems the limit is not on the rowcount, but rather the amount of chinese characters being processed.


      Is there any additional configurations required or is it an known issue?


      Attached the current error description and tableau workbook.


      Appreciate if someone familiar with Chinese / CJK character setup and display can help on the issue.

      Thanks a lot in advance.