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    How to refresh tableau bridge extract refresh based on selected parameter value

    Sreenath Raveendran

      Hello everyone,


      I'm using mysql custom query to load data to tableau.  In the query im using a where clause with parameter and in some joins like below to pull the data based on the user selection. In the development machine im able to change the parameter date and dashboard filters the data based on the selected date on live connection. In production, tableau online is not allowed to connect to database directly but through tableau bridge to refresh the data source. For this report, is it possible to refresh data extract based on the selected parameter date. Means on the published dashboard, if i change the date parameter then next refresh schedule will use the new selected parameter date and load data to tableau. Could you please someone help me on this.


      WHERE  cast(created_on as date)  =  cast(<Parameters.OrderDate> as date)


      Thank you in advance !