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    Extract automatically refresh not working in either Tableau Desktop or Server

    Gajendra Singh

      Hi All,


      Need your help to understand the issue i am facing related to data displayed on report using Tableau Data extract as source. Our source database is HANA.


      A database view have been created in HANA and it is used as source for creating report in Tableau Desktop. We created the report and then published the extract to server following steps mentioned at

      URL: Unable to publish data source as an extract


      The extract has only one filter "Calendar Day Text = Includes today", where 'Calendar Day Text' is a date field.  While publishing the data source, I setup the refresh frequency to daily 10 AM. Then, i published the report pointing to published data source. Everything looks fine and data appear on report as well. Now next day morning when i view the report, there is no data on the report. I verified the extract refresh and it was successful at 10 am, but still no data.


      Then i clicked on "Refresh" button manually on the report dashboard, data appeared. This happens with Tableau Desktop as well. For e.g. the report I published to server, I kept the workbook open and closed my laptop. When opened my laptop next day, the report is blank.


      Not sure if HANA database view refresh is causing this. Could you please help me understanding why my report is blank next day and data appear only when i manually refresh the data.


      Thank you for your help and advice.