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    Remove permissions to publish to tableau public...

    Troy Vegeler

      How does one remove the ability for enterprise users to publish organization data to Tableau Public? 


      We currently can restrict external connections to our servers based upon product key, but Tableau Desktop still allows for an individual employee to turn critical data into an extract and then publish it to tableau public. This seems like a huge data security risk...


      Is there any literature on a possible group policy mechanism?


      Please advise on how to remedy this situation. Thank you in advance.


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          Johan De Groot

          Hi Troy,


          I can understand your concern, but because you need a username and password for loggin into Tableau Public I don't think this danger is any bigger dan open shares in Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

          Tableau doesn't have an option to disable publishing to Public; maybe a sophisticated rule in you firewall might be able to block uploads without restricting access to Tableau Public itself.


          Kind regards,

          Johan de Groot

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            Troy Vegeler

            Yes.  I did consider that the risk is not much more than other open shares; however, the chief difference is that Tableau Public and Tableau Desktop are products of very similar nature designed and facilitated by one company.  Does it make sense for each end user to write firewall rules or to have a fix designed, rolled-out and supported centrally? Even if it's only a design change not to have publishing to Tableau public being in the same location of the interface as publishing to Tableau Online, then I think that would at least lessen the risk from a human error perspective.  As of now if one has a public account, that account can be saved as the default publication route for online publishing.