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    Issues showing correct count of records due to date

    Mike Pratt


      I need to be able to show the number of records closed per month that were opened the current year, so for example January would show issues closed that were opened in January, but February would show tickets closed that were opened for both January and February, and so on. My data structure is laid out as such:

      -I am pulling 2 different data sources from a tableau server, one with Problem Records, and one with Major Incident Records.

      - A problem record does not always have a major incident associated with it, but a major incident always has a problem record associated with it.

      -Each table only has a opened date and a closed date, so depending on which one I use in the Columns I get different record count results.


      I also am needing to show the Running Total of Backlog open tickets over the course of time, as shown below

      Here is a screenshot of the tickets closed per month


      The tickets closed per month needs to be changed to show only the tickets closed per month that were created in 2019, as shown below


      I initially used a LOD calculation to create the chart that had both the total issues closed per month vs backlog, before I discovered I only needed the issues closed per month that were opened in the current year. The LOD is shown below.

      I have tried modifying the LOD to give me what I need but have had no success. I looked into creating a date scaffold, but from what I understand that would be a static file, and I would like to have a solution that would not need to be manually updated when we need new dates added. I have attached the the packaged workbook, any help is greatly appreciated.