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    How do I calculate the MIN of a set of dates that at the same time meets my filter criteria?

    Jeffrey Ten Grotenhuis

      Goal: to get the date of the first day of the current fiscal period.


      By combining the fields below, I can filter my data to the current fiscal period:

      • [FQ (Closed Date)] has the value "Current," which allows me to filter to the current fiscal quarter (of the current year).
      • [Current FP Number] returns the number (1-12) of the current fiscal period (as of writing this on July 9th, I am in period 8, as seen below)



      I've tried adding the filters above to the Context and then making this formula




          DATETRUNC('week',[Close Date],'saturday')

          ,DATETRUNC('week',[Close Date]-7,'saturday')


      ,DATETRUNC('week',[Close Date]-14,'saturday')



      I designed it this way because nothing was closed last week, so if I don't add the row with -7, then the formula returns 9/6/2019. And I added the row with -14 just in case nothing is closed for two weeks.

      The problem is that the formula currently returns 6/22/2019, which is in period 7.


      Is there a way to return the minimum value that matches my filter criteria? In this case, the correct answer would be 6/29/2019.


      I'm sorry I can't share the workbook, it's confidential.


      Thank you for your time.